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Party Time! Use the Wilder Wander App for your child’s party or family gathering.



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Keep the kids (and big kids) entertained for hours. We can run treasure hunts anywhere that suits you on our very own Wilder Wander App (IOS or Android). We have a few options from nature and educational games. All games come with their own private leader board to let children play together in a fun, safe competitive environment.

About the Wilder Wander App: The App is an award-winning outdoor discover app which is certified family-friendly in the App Stores. We can run games anywhere in the world, using our or your ideas to create unique one-off games.

How it works
We recommend you drop us a line to chat about your requirements and we can explain how the games work. 

Step 1: Decide on your area of interest, a local park, garden or other area.

Step 2: We develop a treasure hunt based on your chosen location, ensuring it is suitable for all ages playing.

Step 3: We give you a code to access your game (which is totally unique and only for you) and give you access to a private leaderboard.

Step 4: You get the kids to download the safe Wilder Wander App and access the game via your code.

Step 5: Off you go!

Costs include use for up to 25 individuals. Let us know if you need more licences.

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