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The shop of unique gifts for lovers of the great outdoors

Who we are/What we do

The Wilder Store launched in June 2020 as a sister site to Wilder Wander, an outdoor technology company which aims to engage people with their wild surroundings. The Wilder Wander App which can be used for localised wildlife tours and games for kids. 

During the Wilder Wander journey we also found a community of experts who have amazing knowledge of heritage and nature, many producing wonderful produce, products, gifts and services. So, we built The Wilder Store, a curated shop of wonderful, sustainable gifts and products delivered to your door.


Our Values


People (and dog!)-Centric

The Wilder Store is all about our community of collaborators. They are the heart and soul of our organisation.



The sea, the mountains, the woodlands, the rivers, the sky. It’s the reason we are here. Its what we love and want to protect.



Quality and sustainability are to the forefront of The Wilder Store. It’s what we are all about. 



We are a small company, thus, we are flexible and responsive.

Something to sell?

We are working with suppliers of a range of lovely sustainable products. If you produce something that you would like to sell on The Wilder Store get in touch today!

Email info@wilderwander.com or click the button below.

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The Wilder Store is a shop of unique gifts and produce for lovers of the great outdoors. We work with suppliers to bring you the best of sustainable products and services which celebrate our beautiful world.

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