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Active & Leisure Headwear

At The Wilder Store we design and create active and leisure headwear with sustainable fabrics.

The Wilder Wrapper is a very cosy multipurpose scarf which can be used on the head or neck, as a hat or like a buff or neck gaiter.

We haven't forgotten our hairy friends either, we make doggy bandanas to ensure your best friend looks great too.

We create our headwear on a range of materials including sustainable organic cotton, bamboo and merino wool, ensuring that you not only feel good with your headwear on, but you also feel good about where it came from.

Designed and Handmade in


Designed and Handmade in


Created with the Earth in Mind

From design and material to printing and packaging, we have the Earth in mind.

Our Wrappers are made from a range of sustainable fabrics including bamboo and merino wool and we print our designs on stretchy Lycra using our green printing technology which ensures minimised consumption of water, energy and chemical substances.

We package our Wrappers with recycled card.

Thus, with locally designed and handmade products, green printing technology and recycled packaging we try to create the greenest and smallest environmental footprint possible.

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